Gaming In Mind

A community-based project that aims to help those who use gaming as a form of coping with depression. Gaming In Mind is mainly operated on social media and in the future, on a website forum. The purpose of the brand is to connect those suffering from depression, with others who have battled and overcome depression in the past but using video games as a coping method. The brand aims to help establish the hypothesis that gaming does help with depression but it does not fix or solve it, it only pushes it aside until you stop playing.

Gaming In Mind

The colour scheme of any brand needs to be representative of what the brand does or stands for. The brand is targeted at a sensitive audience, so the colour scheme needs to enhance the logo and display the correct message. 

To support the message of this project, I wanted to develop my own range of photography that shows a mixture of how Anxiety feels and how various types can be perceived by the sufferer on the inside and the outside. The imagery needed to be dark to create a sense of fear that showed the person feeling alone or scared. The brand photography was photographed by Matthew Perry, however the shoots were discussed heavily between us both prior and during the shoots.

Colour Scheme One
Colour Scheme Two

Similar to the logo and colour, the brand’s photography is meant to be meaningful and relatable to the target audience. The photography will be split across three images that all tell a different story from the last, but all linking together to build a campaign. The three images define the process of becoming addicted to video games through facing depression, these three stages are;
-   Isolation
-   Addiction
-   Realisation


A set of posters that highlight the process of becoming depressed and using video games as a coping method.

Gaming In Mind Poster Campaign

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